We Supply and implement mechanical and industrial material equipment, service and engineering

Whether its industrial or individual we have the capabilities to supply quality products.


We believe in supplying high quality products like Mechanical parts, Industrial equipment, Electrical materials and Plumbing materials for multi-disciplined contractual workers and institutional clients.

Gear systems

We understand the effectiveness and efficiency of a productive gear system, so we deliver high end effective gear system to increase the productivity in our customer daily work activities.

Car Engine

To know the performance of every car, the engine plays a huge role, to that effect, we are dedicated in implementing and supplying quality engine for better car performance.


Every engine needs an electrical power supply to start, which is the battery, with the right amp-hour rating the car can perform to is full potential, we can help in providing the right battery for your engine.


All cars need support, with the right tires the weight of the vehicle can be supported and also absorb the road shocks we offer best and affordable car tires to all our clients.

Bolts & Nuts

Value-Added Services

Authorized Lenox Weld Center
Automated Tool Dispensing
Band Saw Machine Tune-Up
Band Saw Blades Resharpened
Commodity Management

Local Inventory Benefit
Part Numbers Tracked by Customer
Productivity Improvement Programs
Product Specialists
Product Standardization