About Ehizvee

Whether its industrial or individual projects we have
the capabilities to supply quality products.


With our experience and expertise, we are concerned about suppling and delivering but high quality products.

Ehizvee Global Enterprise is Nigeria’s newest full line distributor of Mechanical, industrial and electrical products.

Focused on customer satisfaction and delivery of high quality products and services.

Our team is thorough and experienced in procuring goods and services on local and international levels. We offer vendor services to companies and small scale businesses. We offer discounts on large orders/purchases.

Some Brands we supply and deliver

Castrol GTX, Dunlop, Mobil 1, Hardex Gold Sae, Toyota, Michelin, Total Full Synthetic, Nissan, Double king, Forte, Castrol Magnatec, Volkswagen, Achilles, Fondand, Vitour, Aisin SN/CF, Mercedes Benz, Bridge Stone, Nissan Motor Oil, Philips, Audi